Our trade financing solutions are specially designed to help you grow your import or export business.

  • Increase your working capital

    Cash-position As soon as goods are loaded, exporters will be financed. Importers will benefit from additional credit terms.

  • Improve your relations with business partners

    Partner Strengthen your business relations, simplify the collection process and secure your supply chain.

  • Manage your balance sheet better

    Document-Dollar Finance without recourse nor collateral, and strengthen your borrowing capacity.

  • An innovative trade finance solution

    Flexibility-2 SHIPFIN trade finance is a flexible range of solutions for financing your exports - whenever you need it.

SHIPFIN trade finance platform is now available in 7 pilot countries or regions and will be deployed progressively in other areas.

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How does it work?

There are two solutions available:
  • Cargo Financing: suitable for exporters looking to increase their working capital and promote their company’s growth.
  • Supply Chain Financing: suitable for importers looking to free up cash while maintaining the business relations with their suppliers.

Eligibility: All cargo except perishable and dangerous goods.


Discover our partner:

 Incomlend is a global invoice finance platform where companies can optimise their working capital by accessing funds from a global pool of private investors. The platform provides trade receivables finance for exporters through invoice discounting and supply chain finance programs for importers.