The only solution in the market to help you expand your business by connecting you to your next business opportunity. Find suitable suppliers or buyers that best meet your needs on our platform.

  • Match with the right partner

    Profile With our global network, you can get the contacts of our most trusted partners and benefit from their local expertise.

  • Minimize costs and maximize growth

    Grow-Revenues Tapping into a new market, finding new suppliers or buyers - our dedicated team can help you reach your business objectives.

  • The best for you

    Identity-Card-Plus We ensure that your future partner meets the following criteria: long-term relationship with CNC, compliant with the CMA CGM Group Code of Ethics, free from any past liabilities or outstanding payments, suited to your needs and equally committed to advancement.

How does it work?

  1. 1Let us know your business needs, and our team of experts will identify the most relevant and reliable trade partners for you.
  2. 2Once the business partner confirms their interest, we will make the introductions.
  3. 3Proceed with trading and expanding your business thereafter!
  4. 4Shipments are delivered using CMA CGM Group's line services.

We aim to help our serious and reliable customers develop their core business, no matter what the commodity is. Our customers looking to grow their business can find the most suitable partner within our global network of experts.

Juan Cristobal VICUÑAGlobal Head of NETWORKING Services

The team behind the NETWORKING services offers the highest quality customer service, which makes them a pleasure to work with. NETWORKING services has been a tremendous catalyst to our business and has helped us grow in every way possible.

Gabriel wood importer