Reefer Container

CNC refrigerated containers - called Reefers - are specifically designed for the transport of perishable goods in a temperature-controlled environment. They come with a wide variety of sizes and with all the latest technologies to regulate atmosphere, temperature or humidity level.

Being a part of CMA CGM, an organization totally dedicated to reefers and a network of experts around the world, CNC is your go-to Reefer Expert. CMA CGM group is a global player in refrigerated transport with over 293,000 reefer plugs available a week on more than 200 container shipping services.

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Reefer Procedure

From the booking to the delivery of your cargo
CMA CGM group's reefer experts have drawn up a list of procedures from the moment a container booking is made right through to delivery at its final destination.

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To place your booking, we request you to provide us the following information :

  • Nature of the merchandise, quantity, weight
  • Place of origin and final destination
  • Type of packaging being used (crate, drum, pallet, etc)
  • Temperature of transport required (specify °C or °F)
  • Specific requirements (multi-temperature, cold treatment, etc.)

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The packaging must :

  • Be designed, manufactured and stowed in a way that ensures optimal protection of the goods
  • Be able to withstand repeated handling in diverse and varied environments without damage
  • Be able to withstand the vertical pressures incurred when piling up crates-cartons
  • Allow good air circulation through the container to ensure optimum temperature control

The Pre Trip Inspection

PTI is a detailed inspection of the container and is meticulously carried out by our reefer experts to ensure that:

  • The container is clean
  • There are no odors
  • The system is in perfect condition

Pre-Cooling Cargo

All refrigerated goods should be pre-cooled to the temperature required during their transport by reefer before being loaded. Reefer containers are designed to maintain this temperature and not to lower it.

To avoid the problems associated with condensation, pre-cooling is only possible if there is a suitable cold store available for packing.

Packing and stowage of the merchandise inside the container are done by the shipper.

Key points to note:
As all Reefer containers are bottom air delivery, the entire floor surface of the reefer must be covered by the cargo. If that is not possible, then material such as cardboard, etc, is used to cover the remainder.

See Airflow diagram

For chilled cargo, the cartons should be stowed in a block, so that there is no space between them or between them and the walls of the container, in a way that the top and bottom vents are aligned allowing a free flow of air through the merchandise. The same recommendations apply to frozen goods to avoid any heat from outside coming into contact with the cargo.

See Stocking diagram

During the journey

CMA CGM group's reefer experts monitor the containers at every stage of the journey to ensure they are functioning correctly:

  • on entering and leaving the container yard
  • when being loaded on to a train or truck
  • when parked in the port terminal
  • during the journey on board ship

Throughout the journey, CMA CGM group personnel regularly monitor the reefer containers using an electronic microprocessor and data-loggers, which record all parameters. Even when the reefer is unplugged, the data-logger continues to record temperatures in the container:

  • Supply air temperature
  • Return air temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Cargo temperature (optional)
  • Humidity level

Other actions which could impact on the quality of the merchandise are also monitored and recorded:

  • Modifying the parameters
  • Interventions
  • Breakdowns
  • Alarms
  • Connecting - disconnecting the containers

On delivery

CMA CGM group's reefer experts check the containers' temperature and ensure everything is working properly right up to the moment the goods are delivered to their final destination.

Shipping with Confidence

Together with CMA CGM, CNC provides various value added services to ensure that your cargo value is protected door to door.

From cargo insurance to specially-configurated containers, CNC gives you the best shipping experience.

Value added services provided by CNC and CMA CGM:

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Reefer and Environment

Innovative technology for the benefit of the environment

As part of a proactive policy, the CMA CGM group is committed to developing solutions which combine quality and innovation with protecting the environment.

The Group has closely examined eco-friendly solutions, particularly with regards to energy use and CO2 emissions. It has bought no less than 2,000 reefer containers equipped with low-energy motors which cut fuel consumption by up to three times per voyage, also reducing carbon emissions.

In an ongoing drive to optimize the fleet's environmental performance, the Group has also acquired 3,000 reefer containers equipped with energy use management software. It means the temperature of the goods is being minutely controlled throughout their journey, as a result of which less electricity is consumed. A further 6,000 containers are in the process of being fitted with this software. These latest generation reefer containers are in keeping with CMA CGM group's policy to work towards sustainable development.

The CMA CGM group is also committed to a policy of acquiring new vessels in order to have a fleet which integrates the latest technologies in terms of protecting the environment.