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The CNC Line app is your mobile companion to having shipping information at your fingertips.

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Track your CNC container
Enter container number, BL number or booking number to instantly track and trace your container’s every moved.

Search vessel and voyage schedules
Find out more about the ports-of-call and ETA of a vessel or voyage.

Get route solutions
With a port of loading (POL) and a port of discharge (POD), get route solutions complete with transit days.

Stay tuned
Stay up-to-date on the latest news from CNC, from service updates to corporate information to industry innovations.

Find the CNC office/agency closest to you
Search for a country and locate the CNC office/agency nearest to your location.

Bookmark and share information
Bookmark past queries and share search results with colleagues or partners over email, messaging and social media apps pre-existing in your mobile device.

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At CNC, you can easily track and manage your shipments through the CMA CGM Group eSolutions.
With a fully customizable digital dashboard on CNC's eSolutions, you can:

  • Access real-time cargo data
  • Receive automatic notification
  • Emit, modify and share mandatory documents
  • Access end-to-end business solutions

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Key Benefits

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  1. Enjoy the ease a single entry point for all the CMA CGM Group’s online tools and services.
  2. Access all the CMA CGM Group’s websites (CMA CGM, APL, ANL and CNC) with the same Login and password.
  3. Experience the same customer journey on all the CMA CGM Group’s websites for an easier navigation and more efficiency.

  1. Use intuitive and interactive tools that compile your shipment details at all time, maximizing the quality of information.
  2. Simplify the sharing of data by using our EDI solutions.
  3. Display in real-time your transport information.
  1. Benefit from our customer assistance 24/7, ready to provide direct solutions in less than 24 hours.
  2. Get access to the entire CMA CGM network through one single portal.
  3. Select the language of your choice (5 options).
  1. Experience complete traceability allowed by electronic transactions.
  2. Receive alerts on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly).
  3. Secure your pieces of information on the same interface.
  1. Access all your shipment data in one place and at all times.
  2. Schedule reports for whenever you need to receive them.
  3. Modify and follow-up your transport documentation with innovative tools.
  1. Customize sets of data that you can get on demand.
  2. Set-up real time notifications.
  3. Create bespoke reports that you will receive at your convenience.

Select your preferred Channel

We offer you 3 independent and complementary electronic business channels to choose from, all stemming from the same CMA CGM Group eSolutions backbone, to best suit your requirements.

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CNC eSolutions

Manage and expand your business through CNC’s customizable new, optimized eSolutions.


See online and in real-time all your negotiated rates, view ocean freight rates and surcharges for a given period, check details and validity of the offer. Get instant quotations if no offer is available in your contract.


eBooking and Instant Booking Confirmation simplify the booking process in two steps instead of five. This feature is exclusive to CMA CGM.


The Paperless BL works exactly like the traditional Bill of Lading: it is a fully digital Bill of Lading. No paper is needed anymore to transfer or surrender this type of bill of lading.


View the position of your shipment on a map, during its maritime journey through the vessel's current position and check the ETA at the Port of Discharge (POD) and the remaining days to the POD.


Pay online D&D and freight invoices. ePayment also helps to make the container release process faster (soon available worldwide).


Check your D&D fees on all the Group's websites (CMA CGM, ANL, APL and CNC) as well as your "last free dates".

Virtual Assistant

Any questions? Just ask our virtual assistant by clicking on the button "Need Help?" located at the bottom right hand-side of your screen. This intuitive tool will guide you through CMA CGM's website.

CNC eSolutions offers you the flexibility and choice to define the service offering that best suits your business requirements – connecting to our real-time, interactive and secure online environment & making our eBusiness platform your natural choice to do business with CMA CGM group.

EDI Direct and API Solutions

The CMA CGM Group intends to pave the way for digitalization, standardization and interoperability in the container shipping industry to ensure interoperability through standardization.

EDI Direct (Electronic Data Interchange) and API (Application Programming Interface) are fully customizable integration solutions that ensures direct and secure information flow between our customers & CNC’s information systems. It boosts the efficiency of all your transactions by allowing easy exchange of documents and data between two companies online.

We recommend you opt for the EDI solution if:

  • you spend a lot of time entering repetitive data manually,
  • you often modify your data several times,
  • you have an efficient system for sending data,
  • you have to handle a large number of files in your shipping process every day.

EDI Solutions

CNC EDI Direct solutions covers all the major milestones in the shipping life cycle and all its functionalities are backed up by our dedicated, hands-on team, available 24/7.

Asynchronous mode

Key Benefits:

  • Easy data exchange
  • Standardization between paper and digital documents
  • Fast integration of any modification
  • Widely used and understood worldwide
  • Customizable interface

API Solutions

Synchronous mode

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate and real-time access to data
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Data "on demand"
  • More flexibility and possible customization
  • Less data errors through consistency checks

You can fully customize any of your EDI Direct of API through our professional services team.

Third Party Providers

Stay connected with a wide range of aggregated solutions and smoothen your transactions with CNC thanks to our third party portal partners. They offer your business a single access point to various different carriers.

To complement our digitalweb and direct offer, we offer a single digital access point to a wide range of third party portals:

  • Shipping pure players (INTTRA, CargoSmart, GT Nexus)
  • Transport management systems (CargoWise)
  • Local port and system authorities (Dakosy, Deanaccs)
  • Specific product platforms, like pricing tools (CargoSphere/Catapult) or invoicing platforms (Edicom, Tradeshift, etc.)
If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support

Connect to our Business portal 24/7

  • Request for a Quotation
  • Print your Documents of Transports
  • Book a container
  • Print your Invoice
  • Details on my shipment and my equipment
  • Receive some specific notifications