Special Project Cargo

With shipments coming in all shape and sizes, CNC offers a wide range of equipment to handle out-of-gauge and project cargoes. A dedicated and professional team will guide our customers through the whole process to ensure safe and secure cargo handling. From inquiry to delivery, we accommodate our customers' special cargo requirements with a tailor-made product and handle it with optimum care. Being a part of CMA-CGM, one of the leading container shipping groups in the world and in Intra-Asia, our extensive network is at your disposal, offering port to port service within Asia.

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Depending on the cargoes dimensions and weight, these cargoes will be loaded on a specific type of container. CNC offers 20'/40' open top containers and flatracks.

(L W H in m)
(in Mton)
WGT(in Mton)
WGT(in Mton)
20'OT(stuffing from door side) 5.898 x 2.352 x 2.348 2.2 28.28 30.48
20'OT(stuffing from top side) 5.682 x 2.252 x 2.348 2.2 28.28 30.48
40'OT(stuffing from door side) 12.032 x 2.352 x 2.348 3.88 26.6 30.48
40'OT(stuffing from top side) 11.806 x 2.232 x 2.348 3.88 26.6 30.48
20'FR 5.634 x 2.208 x 2.24 2.75 31.25 34
40'FR 11.625 x 2.374 x 1.95 5.1 39.98 45
40'PLAT FORM 12.192 x 2.374 x 0 4.4 40.6 45

Open Top containers

Open Top Containers

Similar in all respects to a general purpose container except that it does not have a rigid roof but may have a flexible and removable cover, supported on removable roof bows.

Any cargo that can only be loaded from the top, such as light machinery (< 26 T), over-height cargo, etc.

Technical data

20' open top20' x 8' x 8'6"3228,280
40' open top40' x 8' x 8'6"6626,600

Flat Rack containers and platforms

Flat Rack

Strong based platform containers with (Flat Rack) or without (platforms) collapsible ends.

Any oversized or heavy cargo, such as cable reels, road work machines, factory parts, trucks, sailboats, etc.

Technical data

20' flat-rack20' x 8' x 8'6"34,00031,250
40' flat-rack40' x 8' x 8'6"45,000 / 50,00039,980 / 44,900
20' platform22,100
40' platform40,600

How to distinguish between Break Bulk (BBK) and Out Of Gauge (OOG)?

Shipping business distinguishes two methods for loading Special Project cargo: Break Bulk and OOG (Out-of-gauge).

We define Break Bulk cargo as any oversized cargo that does not fit into an Open Top or a Flat Rack container, such as large luxury yachts, very large factory components, very large machines, train cars, locomotives, massive turbines, generators, etc. This also includes heavy lift cargos. Break Bulk cargos are loaded on a bed of Flat Racks (several assembled side by side) or Platforms, under deck.

We define Out-of-gauge as any cargo that exceeds the dimensions of a standard container by length, width or height. Depending on their dimensions, OOG cargos are loaded on Open Top, Flat Rack containers or Platforms.

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