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Code of practice for packing of transport units and related informative material

  • IMO/ILO/UNECE Code of practice for packing of cargo transport units (CTU CODE)
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  • Informative material related to the IMO/ILO/UNECE code of practice for packing of cargo transport units (CTU CODE)
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Find specific transport solutions all around the world

Service name Geographical description Schedules Sheet
BMX Service China-Philippines Schedule Of BMX Service Sheet of BMX Service
CBE Service Japan-Korea-Thailand- Philippines Schedule Of CBE Service Sheet of CBE Service
CEX Service Hong Kong(MTL) - Cagayon de Oro Schedule Of CEX Service Sheet of CEX Service
China 1 Service China-Indonesia-Manila Schedule Of China 1 Service Sheet of China 1 Service
CPX2 Service Japan-Korea-CPRC-Philippines Schedule Of CPX2 Service Sheet of CPX2 Service
CTE Service Central China-Taiwan Schedule Of CTE Service Sheet of CTE Service
CTP Service China-Pusan-Kaohsiung-Philippines Schedule Of CTP Service Sheet of CTP Service
CTV Service China-Thailand-Vietnam Schedule Of CTV Service Sheet of CTV Service
CVT Service China-Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand Schedule Of CVT Service Sheet of CVT Service
HDX Service Korea-CPRC-Vietnam Schedule Of HDX Service Sheet of HDX Service
HHX Service China-Vietnam Schedule Of HHX Service Sheet of HHX Service
HIX Service Korea-China- Vietnam Schedule Of HIX Service Sheet of HIX Service
IA2 Service Japan-Vietnam-Thailand Schedule Of IA2 Service Sheet of IA2 Service
JCH Service Japan-SPRC-Vietnam Schedule Of JCH Service Sheet of JCH Service
JCVN Service Japan-CPRC-Vietnam Schedule Of JCVN Service Sheet of JCVN Service
JHT Service Japan-Taiwan-Thailand Schedule Of JHT Service Sheet of JHT Service
JT6 Service Japan-Taiwan-China-Philippines Schedule Of JT6 Service Sheet of JT6 Service
JTC Service Japan-Taiwan-Thailand Schedule Of JTC Service Sheet of JTC Service
JTS Service Japan-Taiwan-SPRC Schedule Of JTS Service Sheet of JTS Service
JTV Service Japan-Korea-Taiwan- Vietnam Schedule Of JTV Service Sheet of JTV Service
JTX Service Japan-Taiwan-Thailand Schedule Of JTX Service Sheet of JTX Service
KCM Service Korea-China- Malaysia-Singapore Schedule Of KCM Service Sheet of KCM Service
KCM2CNC NPRC-Korea-China- Malaysia Schedule Of KCM2CNC Sheet of KCM2CNC
KI2 Service Korea-NPRC-Singapore-Indonesia Schedule Of KI2 Service Sheet of KI2 Service
KMH Service Korea-Taiwan-Philippines-Vietnam Schedule Of KMH Service Sheet of KMH Service
KPS Service Korea-CPRC-Philippines- Vietnam Schedule Of KPS Service Sheet of KPS Service
KTS Service Korea - Vietnam - Thailand - Taiwan Schedule Of KTS Service Sheet of KTS Service
KVT Service Korea-Vietnam- Thailand Schedule Of KVT Service Sheet of KVT Service
LKX Service Kaohsiung-Manila Schedule Of LKX Service Sheet of LKX Service
MCT Service Central China-Taiwan Schedule Of MCT Service Sheet of MCT Service
NCX Service NPRC-SPRC-Vietnam Schedule Of NCX Service Sheet of NCX Service
NSB Service Japan-Korea-Taiwan- Malaysia Schedule Of NSB Service Sheet of NSB Service
PA1 Service China-Singapore-Malaysia Schedule Of PA1 Service Sheet of PA1 Service
RBC Service CPRC-Thailand- Vietnam Schedule Of RBC Service Sheet of RBC Service
RNT Service Thailand-Hong Kong-North China Schedule Of RNT Service Sheet of RNT Service
STW Service South China-Taiwan Schedule Of STW Service Sheet of STW Service
TCX Service North China-Taiwan Schedule Of TCX Service Sheet of TCX Service
TVS Service Taiwan-Hong Kong-Vietnam Schedule Of TVS Service Sheet of TVS Service