Create your own processes for simplicity and speed

Our API solutions create efficient connections between your system and CNC’s system to streamline the daily exchange of data.

What is it?

Application Program Interface

APIs are plug-and-play services allowing information systems - yours and CNC's - to communicate with ease and share data in real time. You can specify the data you need from our system, and adjust the scope on your own.

Assemble our API building blocks with your own services to create innovative web and mobile apps.

We deliver REST API widely used by web developers across many industries.

API Swagger

Key Features

  • Real time

    door-to-door Up-to-date data round the clock

  • Flexible

    date-timer Suitable for any type of partners, with data retrievable at any time.

  • Fast

     truck Quick implementation in just a few days.

  • Easy self-service

    contact Use our portal to set up API on your own.

  • Standard format

    port rotation per service You are required to adapt to our format, which is aligned with DCSA standards.

  • API skills required

    gearing API projects are typically driven by in-house developers.

  • Requirements

    cost Some fees may apply, depending on your API package. Usage is free until volume reaches the proposed threshold. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

API Catalog