Cargo Insurance: Securing Your Business with a One Stop Shop Solution

Having acquired CNC in 2007,CMA CGM, a leading worldwide shipping group, makes it a priority to take care of your cargo.

Thousands of customers rely on us every day to deliver their shipments reliably and safely through over 200 maritimes lines and various intermodal offers.

CMA CGM, in partnership with one of the largest marine insurance companies in the world, has developed a Unique Cargo Insurance Program to protect your cargo value from transport to delivery. Get a personalized guarantee as well as the best rates and compensation in the event of cargo loss and damage, all with a one stop shop offer to facilitate your shipping experience.

New feature!

Insure your cargo online

You can now insure your cargo online as you book via our eBusiness portal. Access this additional service with your eBusiness account.
  • From any computer, tablet, or Smartphone
  • At any time, 24/7
  • An all risks coverage for your cargo in only one-click (step 5)

Insurance could not be simpler!

An insurance solution for each of your needs

All-Risks coverage: making things quick and simple for you


The All Risks coverage is based on ICC (A) conditions, the best know and most comprehensive cover in the world, and provides you with many advantages:

The best cover

  • From one-off shipments to regular traffic
  • Door to door coverage
  • No Excess / No deductible
  • Cover up to the full cost insurance and freight (CIF) value + 10%

The best price

  • The lowest rates negotiated with First class insurers
  • A price that isn't influenced by your claims records

The best service

  • A One Stop Shop offer : freight+insurance
  • A Simple and Quick Process for claims and a payment within one month

Reefer coverage: your sensitive goods deserve the best protection


Some goods are particularly sensitive and require a specific care and attention.

CMA CGM Reefer coverage offers you the best protection:

An All Risks Basis coverage (based on ICC A clauses) including damages due to a temperature variation whatsoever.

We can also cover the damages following a maritime delay of more than 5 days.


Main Risks coverage: don't let catastrophic events affect your business!


There are many instances for which a carrier is not liable: acts of God, force majeure, acts of War, perils of the seas…. In these cases, carrier has the right to legally refuse to compensate the loss or damages to your cargo.

This is why CMA CGM offers you a coverage for the Main Risks so that you will be compensated regardless of carrier liability.

The coverage is based on ICC C conditions:

  • From one-off shipments to regular traffic
  • Door to door coverage
  • No excess / No deductible
  • A very low price

Major events are:

  • Fire + explosion
  • Stranding, grounding, capsizing, sinking
  • Overturning, derailment, collision
  • Discharge of cargo at port of distress
  • General Average
  • Jettison, washing overboard
  • Acts of God (Earthquake, lightning...)
  • Water damage
  • Loading or unloading operations
  • Theft, pilferage, non-delivery
  • Leakage
  • Malicious damage
  • Breakage or other physical loss from external cause
  • Temperature variation (for reefer container)

Major exclusions - Loss or damage caused by:

  • Willful misconduct of the insured
  • Inherent vice or nature of goods
  • Ordinary leakage, loss in weight or volume, wear & tear
  • Insufficient packing or preparation of goods
  • Delay

Container Guarantee: avoid expenses when damaging our containers


Forget about the extra expenses that we could claim against you in case our containers were damaged when they were under your responsibility.

We cover all accidental damages to the container while under your care custody and control.

  • Breakage, theft, pilferage, fire, explosion, collision …
  • Exceptional Cleaning costs


Cold Treatment Guarantee: keep your head cool


Cold Treatment is a highly precise process where goods (usually fruits) are kept at a specific and accurate temperature for a predetermined, uninterrupted period and ensures the removal of possible parasites (fruit flies and larvae), without requiring pesticides or fumigation.

Goods being rejected by the sanitary authorities due to a cold treatment failure can have a serious financial impact on your business.

CMA CGM's Cold Treatment Guarantee compensates the following financial consequences that you may possibly incur:

  • Damage to your goods,
  • Additional costs for a second cold treatment process,
  • Extra expenses (storage, plugging costs, handling charges…)
  • Loss of profit,
  • Rerouting expenses.


Tailor made solutions: there's always a way to help you


If you think one of your needs isn’t covered by the above-mentioned solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will find a way to satisfy you.

Why Choose CMA CGM Cargo Insurance?

Be prepared for any circumstance
Should loss or damage occur to your cargo, our Cargo Insurance protects you from difficult and lengthy administrative process that has no guarantee of compensation. As your shipping partner, we know best how to secure your shipment, no matter the destination or the nature of your goods. With CMA CGM CARGO INSURANCE, you will enjoy extensive coverage for your cargo with total peace of mind.

Get your cargo covered easily
CMA CGM Cargo Insurance makes your life easier, thanks to a flexible and efficient protection program. Enjoy all the advantages of a one-stop-shop solution:

  1. 1Get two instant quotes for freight and insurance in just one call
  2. 2Receive one combined invoice to save you some time
  3. 3Keep one single point of contact: your usual CMA CGM representative

CMA CGM Insurance documents

Meet our Insurance Expert

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Proposing a cargo insurance solution provides our customers with an additional valuable service. With this unique "One-Stop-Shop" offer, we make their life easier.

Our Insurance expertise is a real differenciation from our competitors .

Let us take care of your cargo, while you focus on your business.

François de GARAM Manager - Cargo Insurance Department


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