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New IA88 service connects Japan to Ho Chi Minh City, IA2 revamped

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new IA88 service, which will provide a direct connection from the ports of Japan to Vietnam.

The weekly service will also double-up as an alternative shipping choice with a fast transit time for customers with cargo from Xiamen, China to Japan.

IA88 rotation
Xiamen – Osaka – Kobe – Yokohama – Nagoya – Ho Chi Minh City

Effective voyage
San Giorgio ETD Osaka 27 February 2021

IA88 rotation

Click here for more information on IA88.

Revamped IA2 promises fast transit from Thailand and Hong Kong to Japan

In response to market developments, CNC has also revamped the IA2 service, which continues to deliver express delivery from Laem Chabang and Hong Kong to the Japanese ports in the Kanto region, expediting Thai exports.

New IA2 rotation
Laem Chabang – Hong Kong – Tokyo – Yokohama – Nagoya – Kobe

Effective voyage
MCC Medan (0IA7WN1NC) ETD Laem Chabang 16 February 2021

IA2 rotation

Click here for more information on IA2.

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