Obtain a spot rate, consult your existing contract rates online, or get an instant quote - we have all the solutions to ensure you get the quotation you need.

SpotOn & Instant quote

Key differences

Instant Quote
Booking confirmation priority Yes No
Loading priority Yes No
Equipment priority Yes No
Cancellation / No show fee Yes Yes
Quote expiry 24 hours after generation online 15 days
Availability Pilot 6 trades Worldwide except SpotOn pilot trade

With SpotOn, getting a quotation quickly with secured spot onboard have become faster and easier. With Instant quote, generate an instant quotation online from which you can place a booking.

Please note: SpotOn is being progressively extended to all CMA CGM Group trades. Once the deployment is complete, SpotOn will replace Instant Quote entirely. For the moment, you can still get an Instant Quote as your standard online quotation.

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Consult your negotiated ocean freight online, and generate a quotation based on your contracted rates with ease and speed. You can obtain a SpotOn quotation even if you already have a pre-negotiated quotation for the same voyage.

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