Sustainability Policy


  • Leading Safety, Security and Environment (SSE) issues is a CMA CGM Group Commitment
  • CMA CGM Group activities are rapidly growing and becoming more diversified
  • We have reviewed our organization to improve the Group's SSE performance and harmonise practices worldwide.

Strategy & Vision

  • Be a leading, independant and recognised player by adopting the highest Safety-Security-Environment standards
  • Top priority goes to the protection of our Employees, the Environment, local communities and Assets
  • Risk prevention and continuous Improvement of our SSE performance are key principles to ensure a sustainable development of the Group


  • Define and implement the Group SSE policy and management system (rules) according to applicable regulations and standards
  • Maintain compliance and certifications (ISM, ISPS, C-TPAT…)
  • Identify, assess and mitigate any SSE risk for the company
  • Provide appropriate support and guidelines to all entities, both inland and maritime activities
  • Ensure that operations are carried in compliance with all applicable rules, notably through internal audits
  • Manage Emergency Situations and Response Plans
  • Develop a SSE culture based on best practices through sharing and training to raise awareness
  • Reports to the Top Management on the Group SSE Performance
  • Scope and Perimeter : all Group’s Operations
  • Provide a wide range of expertise and support methods and tools
  • Harmonize practices and management systems worldwide

Safety, Security and Environment Policy

  • Ensure safety at sea and avoid any human injury or loss of life.
  • Ensure healthy and safe working conditions.
  • Provide safe working practices in operation of its ships.
  • Ensure all personnel will at all times be qualified for their respective position.
  • Establish measures to deal with emergencies and maintain preventive safeguards to avoid identified risks.
  • Provide technical and human measures to prevent any damage to the marine environment and property.
  • Improve the knowledge and skills of all personnel by continuous training.
  • Continuously monitor the needs of different types of training.
  • Maintain high standards of safety, security and environmental consciousness and personal discipline with a documented training system.
  • Continuously review all mandatory rules, regulations, industry guidelines and codes that are applicable to the specific ship types and trades.
  • Comply with International and National requirements, as well as any rules set by the Classification Society.

Employment Policy

  • Ensure that all personnel are qualified to carry out their respective jobs and that they are well trained.
  • Ensure that every employee knows his/her duties in case of an emergency.
  • Ensure that all necessary training is arranged, enabling all personnel to fulfill their designated job.
  • Maintain a skilled workforce by encouraging and promoting long-term employment.
  • Maintain qualified shore-based personnel, experienced in the operation of the ship types under management.
  • Provide shore-based support to enable the designated person to carry out assigned responsibilities.

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