Protecting the Environment

Responsible environmental management is a cornerstone of CNC's operations. CNC adheres to the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy of the Group, which seeks to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations, promote workplace safety and safeguard the assets and goods that we carry across the ocean.

As CNC continues to drive initiatives that reduce the environmental impact arising from our vessel operations, we are aligned with the Group’s environmental policy encompassing:

  • Air: climate change and air quality
  • Oceans: ocean preservation and marine biodiversity
  • Innovation: innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions

Our Environmental Commitment for the Future

In 2019, the CMA CGM Group launched the #ProudToAct campaign that underscores the Group's ambition to be a maritime leader in environmental protection.

  • #ProudToAct means acting today with the best solutions available to bring about a positive change to the environment and society.

  • #ProudtoAct is going above and beyond our call of duty and taking firm actions, by making a resolute choice that none of our vessels will ply the Northern Sea Route and investing in Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) technology.

  • #ProudtoAct is our vision for the planet, demonstrating our responsibility as a global company that is committed to the preservation of the environment.

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